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RCEP: a secret deal

Like other mega regional trade agreements, RCEP negotiations are far-reaching. Yet this report finds that the RCEP negotiations are being conducted almost completely in secret, with limited to no meaningful public participation. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is currently being negotiated between 16 countries in the Asia and Pacific regions, including trade and investment liberalisation, Intellectual Property Rights, services,


TiSA: Not our future!

Biggest transnational corporations in the world get to design a set of enforceable global rules that let them maximise their profits and minimise their responsibilities, including their responsibilities to labour and consumers, while further enhancing their capacity to escape taxation.



Team TiSA is demanding unlimited rights to supply e-commerce, financial, telecom and delivery services from outside the country. So it is not surprising they are the targets of TiSA’s most potent rules.