Covid and Free Trade: CPTPP Impacts on Health in Thailand – Unions For Trade Justice

Covid and Free Trade: CPTPP Impacts on Health in Thailand

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WEBINAR HELD ON THURSDAY 30 July, 6.00 TO 8.00 pm BANGKOK time

In early 2020, the government of Thailand expressed its intention to join the CPTPP but was received with protest from civil society especially over the possible impacts on access to medicines and the agricultural sector. This led to the opposition forcing a parliamentary committee to review the possible impacts of Thailand joining the pact.

As a report is expected in mid August, we propose to organise a webinar to create a space to give visibility and share the concerns of Thai activists. This webinar will focus on health related concerns, including on price of medicines, the medicines production and procurement institutions, and the universal healthcare scheme.

You can watch the webinar online in English and in Thai.


Chutima Akaleephan, International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Ministry of Public Health

Chalermsak Kittitrakul, AIDS Access Foundation and FTA Watch

Kannikar Kijtiwatchkul, National Health Security Office Board and FTA Watch

Araya Kaewpradap, Labour Union of Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO)

MODERATOR: Belinda Townsend, People’s Health Movement and Australian National University


Public Services International (PSI), People’s Health Movement (PHM), Third World Network (TWN), Drug System Monitoring and Development Centre (DMDC).