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RCEP Regional Action


Trade unions across Asia Pacific are calling for governments in the region to not sign the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement aimed to be finalised during the ASEAN Summit slated in Bangkok, Thailand on November 05th.

Here’s what workers around the region have done.

CAMBODIA: Some union affiliates’ members of BWI gathered in Phnom Penh to voice their opposition to RCEP.

PHILIPPINES: From Davao and General Santos in the south to Cebu in Central Philippines up to Manila in the north, workers demonstrated in front of the Department of Trade and Industry offices to express their opposition to RCEP.

INDIA: Trade union leaders of the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) met in Mumbai on October 31st to assess and strategise on RCEP.

INDIA: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation Employees Union which has a history of successfully fighting off privatisation of public services in Nagpur, has begun demonstrations opposing #RCEP, in a show of solidarity to the #RCEP action currently being held across the region. See also their statement here.

INDIA: Why workers say #NoRCEP. The National Organisation of Government Employees (NOGE) in #India held an education session yesterday, October 31st, near Mumbai, which culminated in the unionists participating in the RCEP regional action which aims to stop Asia Pacific governments from signing #RCEP next week. #TradeJustice

INDIA/THAILAND/MALAYSIA: Young workers from around the region implore their governments to “Don’t give up our future work protection. Do not allow #RCEP to deprive us of labour rights.”

INDIA: Indian National Municipal & Local Bodies Workers Federation, ll India National Life Insurance Employees Federation, and MSMU INTUC, say #NoRCEP, fear of further informal and contractual work driven by inundating imports.

NEW ZEALAND: Asia Pacific is not for sale! RCEP will give more power to corporations to extract profits at the cost of livelihoods and workers’ conditions. Stop corporate power in Asia.

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