Unions For Trade Justice

Call for Regional Action against RCEP!


Asia-Pacific governments have expressed their intention to announce the conclusion of the negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) during the ASEAN Summit to be held on November 05th in Bangkok, Thailand.

Unions have put out their position and made demands, but these have not been taken into account. Under the banner of Unions for Trade Justice, seven Global Union Federations and their affiliates in Asia Pacific have decided to hold a series of synchronised actions, to voice their positions and opposition to the signature of RCEP in the days leading to the ASEAN Summit. Asia Pacific governments and negotiators must listen.

This page contains resources and materials for the RCEP Regional Action social media campaign. 

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#TradeJustice: for all posts/actions!

Others, if capturing your union’s position: #AsiaIsNotForSale, #WorkersRightsNotCorporatesRights, #TransparencyNow, #RCEPNoRush #NoRCEP


Australia: @pmc_gov_au, @dfat

India: @PMOIndia, @CimGOI, @DIPPGOI

Indonesia: @MoFA_Indonesia

Malaysia: @MITIMalaysia, @DarellLeiking,

Philippines: @dfaphl

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Download the Call for Regional Action on RCEP (PDF) here


Let us know about your Actions, write to your GUF regional office and to:

  • Susana.barria[@]world-psi.org
  • Madelline.romero[@]world-psi.org


You can download these posters, by hovering your cursor on the image, right click and opening the image in the new tab.

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RCEP is a large agreement that can impact on workers and communities, yet negotiations are shrouded in secrecy without meaningful consultation with unions. Nothing about us without us. No more secret deals. DON’T SIGN RCEP. #TradeJustice

Negotiators are racing to finalise the largest economic trade deal ever, but negotiations have been kept secret. NO RUSH TO SIGN RCEP. #TradeJustice

RCEP will reduce government revenue and cut public services. Quality public services for all. DON’T SIGN RCEP. #TradeJustice

RCEP will give more power to corporations to extract profits at the cost of livelihoods and workers’ conditions. Stop corporate power in Asia. ASIA PACIFIC IS NOT FOR SALE. #TradeJustice

The Indian economy is slowing and unemployment is rising. But the government is about to sign the world’s largest trade agreement which will bring more imports displacing workers and farmers. DON’T SIGN RCEP. #TradeJustice

Malaysia is developing its 12th Development Plan to upgrade the economy and create shared prosperity. But signing RCEP would cut government revenue and give more power to foreign companies. NO RUSH TO SIGN RCEP. #TradeJustice

RCEP has been negotiated secretly, gives more power to foreign corporations, less regulation, lower wages and more opportunities to trade away our resources. Trade Justice, not Free Trade. DON’T SIGN RCEP